Cozy Up by The Fire with These 10 Wonderful Winter Coloring Pages

Baby, it’s cold outside! Warm up from head-to-toe with these coloring pages perfect for unwinding by the fire. 

By Thea Voutiritsas

Nothing says cozy like the warm, ambient light and the soft crackle of a fireplace. Whether you throw on a soothing fireplace video or set up a spot by some actual flames, these 10 winter-wonderful coloring pages are sure to warm your heart. So grab a fuzzy blanket and your favorite coloring tools — it’s time to curl up and color!


1. “Fireplace Fulfillment” by Megan Halsey

Fireplace Fulfillment

Enjoy this quaint and cozy fireside coloring page. With cabin-style wooden walls and a gorgeous stone mantle, “Fireplace Fulfillment” is sure to inspire a sense of gratitude and calm as you color. (Download “Fireplace Fulfillment” here!)


2. “Victorian Family Christmas” by Thomas Kinkade

Victorian Family Christmas

Take your time and embrace the season as you color this heartwarming family scene. This detailed adult coloring page will put you in the holiday spirit in no time. (Download “Victorian Family Christmas” here!)


3. “Cozy Christmas Tree” by Megan Halsey

Cozy Christmas Tree

What better way to celebrate the season than with a beautiful tree! Covered in cozy sweaters, this adult coloring page is perfect for keeping you warm when it’s oh-so-cold outside this time of year. (Download “Cozy Christmas Tree” here!)


4. “Warm in Wintertime” by Steve Duffendack

Warm in Wintertime

Warm up your brain and your fingertips with this fun dot-to-dot coloring page. Watch your design spring to life as you connect and color this cozy winter-themed coloring page. (Download “Warm in Wintertime” here!)


5. “Holiday at Winter’s Glen” by Thomas Kinkade

Holiday at Winter's Glen

Take a deep breath and enjoy the outdoors as you color this charming scene of a winter wonderland. Let “Holiday at Winter’s Glen” bring you back to simpler times. Nothing says nostalgia like a cheerful snowman. (Download “Holiday at Winter’s Glen” here!)


6. “Profound Comfort” by Katie VazProfound Comfort

Let this soothing and inspiring adult coloring page remind you to make some time for yourself this holiday season. Featuring pillows, string lights, curtains, and a beautiful bay window, this design is as cute as it is calming.  (Download “Profound Comfort” here!)


7. “Sweet Cozy Home” by Megan Halsey

Sweet Cozy Home

Color yourself cozy with this hygge-inspired coloring page. Featuring a fluffy couch, adorable throw pillows, blankets, books, and more, it’ll be impossible not to feel all warm and fuzzy inside as you color. (Download “Sweet Cozy Home” here!)


8. “Birds of the Holidays” by Posh Originals

Birds of the Holidays

Let your worries fly away as you color this yuletide design. Featuring birds, holly, ivy, and stars, this pattern is the perfect break from the busy holiday season. (Download “Birds of the Holidays” here!)


9. “It’s Raining Gingerbread Men” by Teresa Roberts Logan

It's Raining Gingerbread

Let these cute cookies boost your mood as you color by the fire. Featuring a dozen unique gingerbread men, you can get creative and color to your heart's content. (Download “It’s Raining Gingerbread Men” here!)


10. “Hello Holly Birds” by Steve Duffendack

Hello Holly Birds

Invite some winter whimsy into your home with this cute and simple coloring page. Featuring birds, branches, leaves, and berries, this design is perfect for warming up and winding down this season. (Download “Hello Holly Birds” here!)


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