Could Creativity Be Your Key to Happiness?

Artist Teresa Roberts Logan shares how coloring (and art in general) helps her deal with that thing called “life.”

I don’t know about you, but I’ve had an incredibly stressful year. (I lost my dear Dad. I lost my senses of smell and taste. And I was injured in a scary car wreck.)

Every time I do a speaking engagement, or comedy, I know that there are people in the audience dealing with big life stuff. Stuff that they’d like to escape for a while, or problems that they can’t solve. And I like knowing that we can take moments for ourselves, to just…be.

I have written on my own website about the deeper aspects of all those things I mentioned, how I’m handling things, and what meaning I’m trying to eek out… but I want to talk to you here about getting creative, and how amazing that can be!

Paisley Coloring Page by Teresa Roberts LoganBecause I’m telling you, there are moments in my life where I feel like art saved me. And I know that’s dramatic, but I’m telling you that regular creative practice is meditative—almost prayer-like. It’s joy, it’s making stuff. And all of those are good things!

“I’m not creative!” you may shout.

Well then, you’ve come to the right place! The coloring book trend has been HUGE, as you probably know, and I know that coloring is here to stay. Like doing crosswords, or jigsaw puzzles, or reading by the fire with a cup of hot tea. I don’t have a fire, OR hot tea right now, but I do have some coloring books and pages right here beside me.

The first thing you need to do to “get creative” with coloring is to pick a color, or pick some colors. I actually like to pick one or two colors and try to do a whole page (like a Mandala design) in sort of a pattern of color—doing every other leaf dark blue, then picking a turquoise to do the other leaves or blossoms. Then step back and look at what you’ve done. Introduce one other color. Need some color inspiration? Look to nature. Or, look in your pantry and find a pretty food label. Set one by your coloring book and pick some pencils and pens which are close to those colors!

Don’t worry about the outcome. Enjoy the process. Enjoy the meditation of just being in those moments, where you just put colors together on a page. I’m hoping you’ll find a way to use our coloring pages to find your own creative path. And, please, don’t censor yourself, or judge how “good” it is. Just pick a page, pick up some colors, and GO!

There’s the joy, there’s the relaxation, there’s your creativity, starting to unfurl. And so much more to come!



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