Coloring...Cups? Here are Our Favorite Starbucks #SpringCups Doodles!

Take your love of coloring to a whole new format with Starbucks’ bright and colorful spring cups.

As you may not be super surprised to hear, we’re all about pretty much anything that encourages creativity and self-expression. Adult coloring books (well, duh), crafting kits, blank walls just screaming for a mural—you name it! That’s why Starbucks’ #SpringCups campaign on Instagram gives us the warm-and-fuzzies. The bright and colorful cups are inviting enough, but pair them with a blank circle calling out “Color me!” and we can’t help but dream up darling doodles while waiting in line for a cup-a-joe. Here are a few of our favorite designs people have dreamed up and shared on Instagram with the #SpringCups hashtag (including one from our own team!):

Lovin’ Posh Coloring Studio Cup:

@PoshColoringStudio #SpringCup on Instagram
Credit: @poshcoloringstudio


Smiling Sunshine Cup:

@Starbucks #SpringCup on Instagram
Credit: @Starbucks


Mindful Mandala Cup: 

@mandalagarden #SpringCup on Instagram
Credit: @mandalagarden


Florals n’ Hummingbird Cup: 

@nflixnshop #SpringCup on Instagram
Credit: @nflixnshop


Make-Your-Own Colorful Cup:  

@misadventuresinstyle #SpringCup on Instagram
Credit: @misadventuresinstyle


Darling Doodle Cup:

@Cakebythehudson #SpringCup on Instagram
Credit: @cakebythehudson


Doodle-Do Owl Cup:

@StripesnVibes #SpringCup on Instagram
Credit: @stripesnvibes


Blooming Sunflower Cup:

@katiekatkd #SpringCups on Instagram
Credit: @katiekatkd


Have your own adult coloring book-inspired #SpringCups? Share with us on Instagram and Facebook! 


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