Check Out These Stunning Mandalas Made with the Help of Mother Nature

See how one artist is transforming nature’s objects into mandala-inspired works of art!

By Jasmine Lim

Mother Nature is one of life’s best sources of inspiration—so why not use pieces of it to create stunning artwork? From flower petals to seashells, Instagram user Vilma Issakainen reorganizes these colorful little objects into beautiful mandala-like designs. And we are totally loving her work!

All it takes is a trip outside for Vilma to find her unique selection of art supplies. She collects whatever objects she can find (fallen leaves, flower petals, acorns… even snails!) and arranges them into beautiful (often mandala-inspired) patterns—some just as detailed as the ones found on adult coloring pages! And just like coloring mandala designs is supposed to be soothing, making mandalas out of nature’s objects is also a great way to combine both creativity and meditation. In a post on Bored Panda, Vilma says “making a mandala, from collecting the ingredients to taking a picture of the finished work of art, is like a little relaxing meditation routine.”

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Want to take a closer look? Here are a few of our favorites from Vilma’s Instagram page. Follow her for even more nature-filled inspiration!


Mandala Art 1
Credit: @tiiavilma via

From the inner pink petals to the outer purple, we love the pastel colors of this flower-and-foliage mandala.


Seashell Mandala Art
Credit: @tiiavilma via

No two seashells are alike in this unique mandala made from treasures found by the sea!


Leaves Mandala Art
Credit: @tiiavilma via

Like a page from nature’s own coloring book, these multi-colored fallen autumn leaves make the perfect mandala.

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Inspired to create your own mandalas? Start by collecting leaves or nearby fallen flower petals and get creative. For additional inspiration, use the color palettes you find in nature on your next mandala coloring page!


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