Check Out This Mesmerizing Gel Pen Art That Will Blow Your Mind!

Artist Nico Dauk creates incredible gel pen art your eyes won’t believe.

By Jasmine Lim

Colored pencils and markers are surely the old standbys when it comes to coloring tools, but there’s another oldie-but-goodie art medium that we’re obsessing over right now. They’re full of vibrant pigments, great for fine details, and super versatile…yes, we’re talking about gel pens! And when it comes to this medium, there’s one artist who’s amping up the gel pen game with her eye-catching artwork.

Gel Pen Art by Nico Dauk
Credit: "Jake the Snake" and "Save Tigers" by Nico Dauk via DeviantArt

Artist and gel pen enthusiast Nico Dauk uses Super Doodle gel pens to create some of the most psychedelic artwork we’ve ever seen; she practically has us putting on sunglasses to view these neon creations! She combines a variety of colors like fiery oranges, vivid yellows, and glowing greens to create 3D-like artwork like this mesmerizing snake and fierce tiger. 

Indecisive by Nico Dauk
Credit: "Indecisive" by Nico Dauk via DeviantArt

Dauk makes coloring with gel pens look easy, but don’t be fooled: It can take her several hours to finish just one art piece—just check out Indecisive”, which took her 28 hours to complete. Not to mention, gel pens can be tricky to color with since they’re prone to leave behind pesky pen streaks. So how does Dauk make her artwork look so flawless? Besides having a ton of patience, her solution is quite simple: she colors in tiny circles to create streak-free artwork…genius!

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So if you don’t already own some gel pens, we definitely suggest you add them to your coloring tool collection. Whether you’re looking to color the entire page or simply add some fine details, just think of what your next coloring creation will look like once you work your gel pen magic on them. For more brightly hued inspirations, keep up with Dauk on DeviantArt as she continues to create more exciting gel pen art.  


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