Be Inspired By These 7 Colorful Coloring Page Transformations

Check out these beautiful works of art created by… you!

We love seeing the beautiful coloring pages created by our community. From earth tones to jewel tones, each of these creations are simply gorgeous. Here are just a handful of the completed coloring pages that are inspiring us to get creative this month:  

1. Posh Originals’ “Paisley Bouquet” Colored by Katie

Paisley Bouquet
Colored by Katie

Say it with us, folks: White space is your friend! The combination of brights and whites in this paisley-inspired coloring page makes for a beautiful finished product. Download our “Paisley Bouquet” design here!


2. Teresa Roberts Logan’s “Paisley Peacock” Colored by Sara

Paisley Peacock
Colored by Sara

There’s something about the classic peacock color palette that makes us swoon. Sarah nails it with this combo of emerald, green, purple, teal, brown, and blues. The addition of bright green highlights makes it extra special. Want to color your own peacock? Download this coloring page here!


3. Flora Chang’s “Curtain Green Part 1” Colored by Diane

Curtain of Green Part 1
Colored by Diane

We love the palette of pastels chosen by Diane—they span the rainbow! (And check out that flawless blending.) Want to color this design yourself? Download “Curtain Green, Part 1” here!


4. Posh Originals’ “Lava Lamp” Colored by Holly

Lava Lamp
Colored by Holly

Check out how Holly used this rainbow-inspired color palette on one of our grooviest designs! We love the big blocks of color. Design your own take on our “Lava Lamp” coloring page by downloading it here!


5. Teresa Roberts Logan’s “Deep Rumination” Colored by Sarah

Deep Rumination
Colored by Sarah

A vibrant and bold mandala is our kind of mandala! Markers were a perfect choice for this colorful rendition of a simple circular design. Take a spin at this design yourself by downloading it here!


6. Teresa Roberts Logan’s “Delicate and Divine” Colored by Kate

Delicate and Divine
Colored by Kate

This intricate design was completed using one of our favorite coloring tools: Staedlter Triplus Fineliners! We especially love the bright yellow accents. Download our “Delicate and Divine” adult coloring page here!


7. Flora Chang’s “Relaxing Blossoms” Colored by Jasmine

Relaxing Blossoms
Colored by Jasmine

Our favorite part of Jasmine’s work of art is how the center flowers are super vivid, while the flowers on the side are a bit more muted. Make our “Relaxing Blossoms” design your own by downloading it here!


Have a finished work of art you want to show off? Email us at, or share on Instagram using #MyPoshColoring!

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