9 Seasonal Color Palettes with Brilliant & Unexpected Hues

Check out these nine non-traditional color palettes to inspire your coloring book creations this holiday season!

By Jasmine Lim

Thanksgiving is a holiday that’s always bursting with rich fall colors: fiery oranges, golden yellows, and deep reds. And we totally get it—these classic colors are perfect for seasonal home décor and to use on seasonal coloring page designs. But this year, take on a creative challenge and include some colorfully unexpected shades, too! From elegant neutrals to pretty pastels to vibrant brights—here are nine non-traditional Thanksgiving color combos you won’t want to overlook for your next coloring project:


Refreshing Fruits
Credit: @suertj via Design Seeds

1. Refreshing Fruits
Go green on your next seasonal design with this combination of color ranging from citrusy greens to soft yellows. This palette would look perfect on our ”Pear Flair” coloring page!


Earthy Hues
Credit: @caroline_south via Design Seeds

2. Earthy Hues
Tans and browns are perfect for honoring the harvest season. Add pops of muted blue-greens into the mix and you have yourself a well-balanced color scheme. Try this color palette out on our “Peaceful Retreat” coloring page!


Veggie Brights
Credit: @troy.archer via Design Seeds

3. Veggie Brights
These bold colors are certain to liven up any seasonal coloring page. Give this creative color combo a try on our “Leafy Layout” design.


Opaque Stones
Credit: @suertj via Design Seeds

4. Opaque Stones
The power of neutrals can make any coloring page look elegant and classy—plus, you can always add a pop of bright color whenever you need it. Try these pinkish neutrals out on our “Painting With Nature” coloring page!


Sea Grays & Waves
Credit: @LBTOMA via Design Seeds

5. Sea Grays & Waves
Here’s one unexpected bluish gray-scale palette that’s oh-so-lovely for coloring. Pair these subdued grays with vibrant greens and yellows to bring our “Evening at Autumn Lake” coloring page to life.


Blue Skies
Credit: @arctic_stories via Design Seeds

6. Blue Skies
These shades of blue are perfect for accenting any festive orange or brown on your coloring pages. Try this gradient color palette on one of our nature designs. (Blue flowers are just as beautiful as yellow and orange ones!)


Open Lilac Fields
Credit: @marie_canning via Design Seeds

7. Open Lilac Fields
Nature knows best when it comes to beautiful color themes. From sweet lilac to soft blush pink, use these classy colors on our “Tea Tranquility” coloring page.


Autumn Architecture
Credit: @maria_minimal via Design Seeds

8. Autumn Architecture
From the dark teal windows to the rustic red walls, these colors aren’t that far off from cool days and fallen leaves. We think these festive colors would look perfect on our “Autumn Leaves Galore” coloring page.


Perfect Pastel Gourds
Credit: @c_colli via Design Seeds

9. Perfect Pastel Gourds
Graceful pastels work any time of the year, no matter the season. Fill our “Fall Feast” coloring page with these baby pinks, deep violets, and gray-blues!

Think outside of the traditional box this Thanksgiving and let your next seasonal creation shine with these nine perfectly unexpected color combinations!

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