9 Inspiring Color Palettes to Help You Hygge

Embrace the hygge lifestyle with these nine cozy color palettes for your next adult coloring page.

By Jasmine Lim

If you love to relax by setting aside time to color, you’re already on your way to living a more hygge (pronounced “hoo-gah”) lifestyle. What is this concept, you ask? Simply put, it’s the Danish ritual of celebrating life’s simple pleasures—coloring included! To help you fully embrace this style of living that’s all about feeling comfortable and content, we’ve gathered some of our favorite cozy hygge color combinations to inspire a sense of calm for your next coloring session. From classy neutrals to sweet pastels to soothing grays, color your way to hygge with these soothing combinations:


Rainy Days
Credit: @chrismoon1969 via Design Seeds

1. Rainy Days
We love how this palette pairs subdued colors like pale purple and soft blush pink with bolder hues like teal and dark purple. Try this lovely color combo out on our “Gentle Rain” coloring page.


Pretty as Pie
Credit: @auntieclaras via Design Seeds

2. Pretty As Pie
Easy neutrals are one of the best ways to invoke a feeling of calm and stillness. Translate these shades onto our “Villa Variety-Part 1” design for a homey piece of art. 


Easy Mornings
Credit: @amermyla via Design Seeds

3. Easy Mornings
If anything should inspire a feeling of hygge, it’s the shaggy blanket and cup of coffee in this color palette inspiration photo. Create an elegant look on your next design with these simple pinkish neutrals paired with charcoal gray—perhaps on one of our soothing coloring pages?


Stacks on Stacks
Credit: @julie_audet via Design Seeds

4. Stacks on Stacks
We can just imagine how cozy a fire with these logs would make us feel on a dreary winter morning. Take inspiration from this well-balanced color palette full of tan neutrals and cool-toned blues. We think these colors would look lovely on our “The Good Life” coloring page!


Spoons & Sorbet
Credit: @diana_lovring via Design Seeds

5. Spoons & Sorbet
From light mauve to dark ivy green, you can’t go wrong with these calming colors that are neither too bold nor brash. Try these colors out on our “Refreshment for the Soul” design!


Sweet Treats
Credit: @flojoro123 via Design Seeds

6. Sweet Treats
Muted pastel tones are the perfect way to bring low-key vibrancy to your designs. From pale olive green to a dusty rose, combine these shades with one of our flower-filled coloring pages.


Sweater Weather
Credit: @amermyla via Design Seeds

7. Sweater Weather
Grab a warm cup of tea and cozy up in front of a crackling fire as you bring our “Hygge Home” to life with these soft and classy neutrals.


Delightful Drinks
Credit: @_ewabakrac via Design Seeds

8. Delightful Drinks
Settle into a hygge coloring session with this warm color combination of burgundy, chocolate brown, and light grays. Translate these tones onto our “Happy Hearth” coloring page. We suggest enjoying your own cup of hot cocoa while you color!


Afternoon Reading
Credit: @bonoraf via Design Seeds

9. Afternoon Reading
Color inspiration is everywhere, even in plain ol’ everyday objects! Pair shades of beige with pops of muted maroon and forest green on one of our nature designs.


Immerse yourself in hygge living by practicing gratitude in your every day coloring! Keep these nine cozy color palettes on hand whenever you need some soothing inspiration.

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