9 Color Palettes to Help You Celebrate St. Patrick’s Day

Create a colorful St. Patrick’s Day look by using these green-themed palettes on your next coloring page!

By Jasmine Lim


If you’re looking for green inspiration to fill your coloring pages this St. Patrick’s holiday, look no further! We’ve rounded up nine magical green-themed color palettes to help you bring the luck of the Irish right to your designs. From subtle pastels to earthly greens to bold neon hues, work these nine stunning palettes into your coloring pages for a supremely festive look. (And if St. Patrick’s Day isn’t your thing, these palettes also make perfect springy green inspiration, too!)


Captivating Cabbage
Credit: @suertj via Design Seeds

1. Captivating Cabbages

From pale mint to forest greens, you can’t have St. Patrick’s Day without this classic combination of cabbage-y greens!

Color Country
Credit: @cherulmsf via Design Seeds

2. Color Country

This misty picturesque scene of grey skies and green hills remind us of the Irish countryside. Try these earthly hues out on one of our nature coloring pages.


Countryside Cottage
Credit:@erikadeliadesign via Design Seeds

3. Countryside Cottage

Mossy, muted greens paired with brown and tan makes for the perfect natural-hued design. We think these calming colors would look great on our “Stillwater Cottage” coloring page.


Curly Clover Lookalikes
Credit: @bea7507 via Design Seeds

4. Curly Clover Lookalikes

What at first looks like oversized four-leaf clovers are actually hydrangea petals! (But who says they can’t still bring good luck?) Translate this range of bold greens and muted blues onto our festive “Knotted Shamrock” coloring page


Swirly Succulent Hues
Credit: @moimoi_elly via Design Seeds

5. Swirly Succulent Hues

Go fully festive with these minty, mossy, and limey green shades inspired by succulents. Try this creative color combination out on one of our garden coloring pages.


Festive Florals

Credit: @traceylbolton via Design Seeds

6. Festive Florals

Avoid getting pinched this St. Patrick’s Day by adding subtle hints of green to your designs (and wardrobe!) with this unexpected purple-and-grey palette accented with mossy green. Bring one of our flower coloring pages to life with this soft color combo.


Brilliant Brights
Credit: @colourspeak_kerry_ via Design Seeds

7. Brilliant Brights

Celebrate the joyous spirit of St. Patrick’s Day with bright and luminous neons on your next design. Can’t you see these vibrant hues of blue, pink, and green working well with one of our funny coloring pages?


Perfect Pastels
Credit: @rotblaugelb via Design Seeds

8. Perfect Pastels

Tone down your next design with muted pastel greens paired with soft purples to make any coloring creation subtle but festive.  


Tropical Hues
Credit: @arasacud via Design Seeds

9. Tropical Hues

For a bright and cheerful St. Patrick’s Day palette, try these vibrant greens paired with stunning yellows and blues. Who else is dreaming of warmer, sunnier days?

Go all out with greens galore or add subtle hints of this refreshing color to your next design. Let these nine color combinations be your St. Patrick's Day guide but don't be afraid to add your own festive and colorful touch!

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