8 Subtle-But-Festive Color Palettes for Valentine's Day

Think beyond pink and red with your Valentine’s Day coloring pages.

By Jasmine Lim

Valentine’s Day is right around the corner, which means pinks and reds are out in full force. And while we love a good V-Day color scheme, it can be a tad overwhelming (and tacky!) if overdone. We’ve rounded up eight subtle color palettes that still give nod to this holiday without going overboard. From soft pastels to golden hues to pretty neutrals, work these eight color palettes into your coloring page for a low-key but vibrant Valentine’s Day look.


Golden Color Palette Featuring a Gradient of Yellows
Credit: @rotblaugelb via Design Seeds

1. Golden Sparkle
This color palette is perfect for adding golden hues and metallics to your next coloring page. Reach for metallic gold gel pens or sharpies to help create that festive and sparkly look. May we suggest on our free coloring page, “Generous Hearts” by Teresa Roberts Logan?


Neutral Color Palette Featuring a Gradient of Whites and Greens
Credit: @heather_page via Design Seeds

2. Natural Neutrals
While Valentine’s day may not bring to mind hues of white, grey, and green, they can actually create a super romantic color palette! Plus, they pair perfectly with soft pinks and reds. Bring elegance to one of our flower coloring pages with these simple shades.


Cool Skies color palette featuring pastel blue and pink gradients
Credit: @thebungalow22 via Design Seeds

3. Cool Skies
Forego loud colors like vibrant magenta and fire-engine red in favor of this subtle color palette which pairs pastel pink and purple with sky blue hues. Try these colors on our “Heterogeneous Hearts” adult coloring page.


Eclectic Arrangement color palette featuring muted peach, maroon, and green hues
Credit:@heather_page via Design Seeds

4. Eclectic Arrangement
This color palette of muted peach, rich maroon, and pale rose is the perfect way to swap out brash pinks and reds without losing a festive look. Translate this mix of toned-down colors onto our “Fancy Florals” coloring page.

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Flourishing Succulents color palette featuring vibrant purples, pinks, and greens

5. Flourishing Succulents
Create soft gradient effects with this subtle Valentine’s Day color combination of dark purple, magenta, and mossy green. We suggest using colored pencils for easy blending and shading—perhaps on our “A Garden Heart’s Desire” design?


Glowing Beach color palette featuring pastel colors like grey-blues and orange
Credit: @anamarques210376 via Design Seeds

6. Glowing Beach
By opting for greyish purples and orangey pinks, you can hint at “be my valentine” rather than screaming it. These festive shades would look perfect on our free coloring page “Happy Doughnuts!


Poolside Paving color palette featuring blue and purple-pink pastels.
Credit: @thebungalow22 via Design Seeds

7. Poolside Paving
Instead of pairing pink and purple, try this purple and blue combo. It will still feel festive and warm while offering something a bit different, too. Pair these pastel shades with our heart coloring page, “Love at First Peck.”


Marshmallow Treat color palette featuring pastel pinks, yellows, and greens.
Credit: @rotblaugelb via Design Seeds

8. Marshmallow Treat
A palette full of pastels is a great way to create a vibrant but not in-your-face coloring creation. Fill our “Hearts on Happy Hearts” mandala coloring page design with these soft greens and pinks.


Keep these palettes on hand for colorful Valentine’s Day inspiration and share your finished design with us on Facebook or on Instagram using #MyPoshColoring!

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