7 Beautiful Botanical Spring Color Palettes We Love

From earthy meadows to bright blooms, Spring offers a variety of beautiful nature-inspired color palettes perfect for our coloring pages!

Feeling uninspired in the color palette department? Have no fear, spring is here! Here are nine Spring-inspired color palettes we can’t get enough of (regardless of the season):

1. Blue Mood

Muscari by @patriciaarts via Design Seeds
Credit: @patriciaarts via Design Seeds

The calming shades of green, blue, and periwinkle in these Muscari (a.k.a. grape hyacinth) buds scream spring! We can see the blues working perfectly in a variety of coloring page designs, from flower petals to a springtime sky.


2. Petals with a Punch of Color

Bright Flowers by @bellopartyinsta via Design Seeds
Credit: @hellopartyinsta via Design Seeds

Magenta, lavender, orange, and pink make for a bright palette full of colors that complement one another perfectly. We’d love to see these hues in a field of flowers, a textile design, or even to brighten up an architecture scene.


3. Cheery Cherry Blossoms

Cherry Blossoms @designangel via Design Seeds
Credit: @designangel via Design Seeds

Could anything signal spring more than cherry tree blooms? Especially when coloring florals, different shades of the same hue (check out those pinks!) make for easy blending. We think the combination of these pinks and blues could also make for a killer sunset scene!


4. Bag-o-Blooms

Lilacs in a Bag by @_ewabakrac via Design Seeds
Credit: @_ewabakrac via Design Seeds

Oh lilac, how we love thee. Check out the range of purples in the petals and browns and greens in the stems and leaves. We’d love to see this palette used in a pattern featuring different florals, or in a fashion scene!


5. Darling Daffodils

Daffodils by @kunstkiekje via Design Seeds
Credit: @kunstkiekje via Design Seeds

We can’t get over the juxtaposition of the deep orange center and super pale yellow petals of these daffodils. Pair those warm colors with purple, and this color palette has plenty of contrast. (Can’t you see this color combination in a graphic tile-inspired coloring page?)


6. Deep Green and Dreary

Green Grass and Bushes by @diana_lovring via Design Seeds
Credit: @diana_lovring via Design Seeds

Yes, spring is a time filled with bright blooms and baby birds, but it’s also R.A.I.N.Y. This lush green photo taken on a grey day shows off the other side of spring. Doesn’t it just make you want to curl up with a cup of tea and a good (coloring) book?


7. One-Hit Wonder

Pink Roses by @heather_page via Design Seeds
Credit: @heather_page via Design Seeds

Isn’t it crazy how many different colors you can find in the petals of one type of flower? This subtle pink palette would be perfect to color your own flowery design (and practice some blending and shading while you’re at it!).


8. Moody Meadow

Meadow by @lisaridgelyphotography via Design Seeds
Credit: @lisaridgelyphotography via Design Seeds

It’s that time of year when baby green shoots start to peek through the vast grey and brown landscape. This color palette highlights that transition perfectly, pairing pale greens with subtle blues, greys, and tans.


9. Amazing Azaleas

Azaelas in Vases by @flojoro123 via Design Seeds
Credit: @flojoro123 via Design Seeds

Azaleas make perfect cutting flowers this time of year. Sure, the petals themselves are filled with different shades of pale pink, but those hues also pair perfectly with the details of your home — blue glass vases, neutral walls, wood-grain tables.  Try the color palette inspired by this still life in your next architecture coloring page.


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