5 Easy Ways to Spruce Up Your Home for Spring Using Contact Paper

Add a pop of color to your home by reprinting your coloring pages on contact paper and using it for fun, simple crafts!

By Thea Voutiritsas

Looking to change up your space without breaking the bank (or your back)? Add a personal touch to your home by printing your coloring pages on contact paper. Contact paper is budget-friendly and easy to apply, turning nearly any surface in your home into a blank canvas. It’s also easy to remove, so you can easily swap out different looks to keep things fresh.

To start, check out these printer-friendly contact paper or sticker paper packs. Be sure whichever paper you choose is safe for your type of printer. (Some vinyl sheets are only safe for inkjet printers, meaning you could have a melted mess instead of a beautiful pattern if you try to use a laser printer!) Once you have found the right kind of contact paper, choose the adult coloring page you’d like to use. Depending on the size of your project, you may want to choose a design that is easy to line up across multiple sheets of paper. Once you have your coloring page completed, scan it. Load your contact or sticker paper into the printer according to the directions, and print as many sheets as you need to cover your selected area. Be sure to give each sheet enough time to dry before applying.

Now that you have your own contact paper masterpiece, it’s time to get inspired. Check out these five easy contact paper DIYs to help you deck out your space.


5 Easy Contact Paper Adult Coloring Crafts

contact paper pantry
Credit: Kelli Mullins & Kristi Jansen / Lolly Jane

1. Line your pantry or shelves. 
Think of your contact paper as “faux wallpaper” and use it to refresh any closet or shelving. It’s as simple as measuring the space, making sure you have enough paper, and getting to business! Use this foaming waves coloring page for a soothing, oceanic look. 


contact paper laptop
Credit: Erica Stolman / Fashion Lush

2. Make your own laptop skin. 
Bring some springtime serenity to your workspace with your own mandala using this beautiful mandala coloring page. By scaling down the size, you can even update the rest of your tech (smartphone, tablet, etc.) to make a matching set. 

contact paper nightstand
Credit: Kristi Murphy / KristiMurphy.com

3. Update your tabletop.
Invite Mother Nature and a touch of childhood to the table with this whimsical cherry blossom coloring page featuring one of our favorite Peanuts characters: Woodstock! When covering a surface this large, be sure to peel back a small section of the lining first. Stick one edge down, and slowly smooth the contact paper across the surface as you peel back more of the lining to avoid any wrinkles or bubbles underneath. To make it a seamless design, simply trim the white edges from the design before sticking it down and match up the pattern as you go.


contact paper drawer
Credit: Cyndy Aldred / The Creativity Exchange

4. Refresh your drawers with colorful liners.
This is a great excuse to finally empty out that junk drawer. Adding a pop of color to those hidden spaces like a desk, dresser, or kitchen drawer is an easy way to boost your mood throughout the day. Try adding some flowers to your drawers with this fun pattern featuring tulips and daisies.  


contact paper coasters
Credit: Livvy / 86 Lemons

5. Customize your coasters.
Celebrate spring with your own custom coasters with our “Abstract Botanical Study” coloring page. You can also choose pages with great quotes or quirky drawings to turn your coasters into conversation pieces. With those eye-catching designs, you’ll no longer have to remind your guests to use a coaster.


The key to a successful contact paper project is to take your time. Use a ruler and sharp scissors or an X-Acto knife to cut straight, crisp edges. Be sure to smooth out the paper as you apply it. And, of course, have fun. Take a look around! What parts of your home could use a little love? 

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