16 Butterfly Coloring Pages to Make Your Heart Soar

Get in touch with nature and soothe your soul with these 16 butterfly coloring pages.

By Thea Voutiritsas

With iridescent wings and an ever-changing life cycle, the butterfly represents change, hope, and life. Embrace nature and bring positivity into your next coloring session with these beautiful butterfly coloring pages. Curl up in a comfy spot and let your troubles float away as you color.


16 Beautiful Butterfly Adult Coloring Pages

1. “Accomplishments” by Katie Vaz

Accomplishments butterfly coloring page

Give yourself some credit for your accomplishments and a little soothing quiet time with this gorgeous design. The hand-drawn design features butterflies, flowers, and a heartwarming message. (Download our “Accomplishments” coloring page here!)


2. “A Morning Stroll in the Meadow” by Susan Black

A Morning stroll Browse our collection of butterfly coloring pages.

Get in touch with nature and give yourself a bit of headspace with our “A Morning Stroll in the Meadow” adult coloring page. This cheerful and vibrant coloring page features birds, butterflies, and flowers to make you smile. (Download our A Morning Stroll in the Meadow” coloring page here!)


3. “Butterfly Doodles” by Posh Originals

Butterfly Doodles butterfly coloring page

Take the time to unplug and enjoy yourself with this vibrant coloring page. Featuring butterflies, moths, beetles, and a gorgeous teal background, you’ll feel close to nature in the comfort of your own home. (Download our Butterfly Doodles” coloring page here!)


4. “Know, Be, Trust, Love” by Deborah Muller

Know Be Trust Love butterfly coloring page

With leaves and swirling paisley details, this Deborah Muller coloring page is soothing and immersive. Meditate as you color this intricate design featuring mandalas, butterflies, and an assuring message. (Download our Know, Be, Trust, Love” coloring page here!)


5. “Butterflies Aflutter” by Posh Originals

Butterflies Aflutter butterfly coloring page

Enjoy arching waves and delicate monarch butterflies in this coloring page. With five uniquely detailed butterflies and plenty of space for color, this design is practically exploding with opportunity. (Download our Butterflies Aflutter” coloring page here!)


6. “This Is the Beginning of Anything You Want” by Susan Black

This is The Beginning butterfly coloring page

Boost your confidence and meditate on this motivational mantra. The text in this design is framed with butterflies, leaves, flowers, and hearts as a reminder to radiate joy and love yourself each day. (Download our This Is the Beginning of Anything You Want” coloring page here!)


7. “Butterfly Medallion” by Posh Originals

Buttefly Medallion butterfly coloring page

Spark your inner creativity with our “Butterfly Medallion” coloring page, a delicately detailed design featuring a beautiful butterfly, flowers, leaves, and an intricately patterned medallion. (Download our Butterfly Medallion” coloring page here!)


8. “You’ll Be Fine” by Katie Vaz

You'll Be Fine butterfly coloring page

This kind and quirky design by Katie Vaz can bring you comfort as you color. Let the adorable flowers, butterflies, and cursive swirls invite you to leave yesterday behind and face tomorrow with a smile on your face. (Download our You’ll be Fine” coloring page here!)


9. “New Beginnings on the Wing” by Deborah Muller

New Beginnings on the Wing butterfly coloring page

Let this cleverly titled coloring page draw you in with Deborah Muller’s intricate patterns. This enchanting design is perfect for those ready to embrace a new chapter. (Download our New Beginnings on the Wing” coloring page here!)


10. “Butterfly’s Delight” by Steve Duffendack

Butterfly's Delight butterfly coloring page

Challenge your mind with this stress-reducing dot-to-dot coloring page. Watch your butterfly design spring to life as you connect each dot. Once all the dots are connected, enjoy adding spritely colors to this delightful coloring page. (Download our Butterfly’s Delight” coloring page here!)


11. “Nature Lover” by Susan Black

Nature Lover butterfly coloring page

Express your love for the outdoors with our “Nature Lover” coloring page. Featuring lush leaves, hearts, and cheerful butterflies, this design is both comforting and grounding. (Download our Nature Lover” coloring page here!)


12. “Chrysanthemum Cluster” by Posh Originals

Chrysanthemum Cluster butterfly coloring page

Challenge your coloring skills and get creative with our “Chrysanthemum Cluster” coloring page. Featuring ornate butterflies and geometric circles, this coloring page is as captivating as it is calming. (Download our Chrysanthemum Cluster” Coloring Page here!)


13. “A Flock of Butterflies” by Deborah Muller

A Flock of Butterflies butterfly coloring page

Let this elaborately decorated design bring some light into your life. Featuring butterflies, dragonflies, flowers, and leaves, your worries will be floating away in no time. (Download our A Flock of Butterflies” coloring page here!)


14. “Wild & Free” by Susan Black

Wild and Free butterfly coloring page

Celebrate your adventurous side with our “Wild & Free” coloring page. This bubbly and youthful design features butterflies, leaves, and flowers in a calming circle shape. (Download our Wild & Free” coloring page here!)


15. “Butterfly Peace” by Deborah Muller

Butterfly Peace butterfly coloring page

Get lost in this detailed coloring page featuring butterflies and peace signs adorned with tiny flowers and swirls. Stars and suns brighten up the design and bring some warmth to your coloring practice. (Download our Butterfly Peace” coloring page here!)


16. “Boho Garden Kitty” by Susan Black

Boho Garden Kitty butterfly coloring page

Let the peppy combo of cats, birds, and butterflies bring you joy. This adorable design features a cat donning a delicate flower crown next to a cute little bird and butterfly. (Download our Boho Garden Kitty” coloring page here!)


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