15 Owl Coloring Pages to Make Your Heart Soar

Check out our 15 owl coloring pages for a majestic coloring session.

By Thea Voutiritsas

Symbolizing mystery and ancient knowledge, owls are the perfect creatures for a majestic coloring session. Soothe your mind and let your worries slip away as you color intricate feathers and enchanting eyes. Whether you’re a night owl yourself or more of an early bird, these 15 owl coloring pages will make your heart soar. (Psst... and once you're done with these, browse the rest of our owl coloring pages!)

15 Owl Coloring Pages to Color Today

Owl Adult Coloring Pages

1. “Owl Dreamer” by Deborah Muller

Owl Dreamer owl coloring page

Slip into a coloring trance with this beautiful and intricate coloring page. With flowers, stars, leaves, and a hand-drawn owl, this design will bring tranquility to your next coloring session. (Download our “Owl Dreamer” coloring page here!)


2. “Stacking Owls” by Flora Chang

Stacking Owls coloring page

Enjoy the sweet and charming owl gang in this adorable coloring page.  Featuring flowers and seven unique owls, this design will make you feel like you’re surrounded with some wise old friends. (Download our “Stacking Owls” coloring page here!)


3. “Owl in the Night Sky” by Posh Originals

Owl in the Night Sky owl coloring page

Free your mind from worry with our “Owl in the Night Sky” coloring page. Featuring clouds, crescent moons, and a majestic owl, this design will bring you sweet dreams of soothing coloring sessions. (Download our “Owl in the Night Sky” coloring page here!)


4. “Nest in a Trunk” by Steve Duffendack

Nest in a Trunk owl coloring page

Challenge your mind and connect the dots with this owl coloring page. Once all the dots are connected, you can color the scene and bring a beautiful owl to life. (Download our “Nest in a Trunk” coloring page here!)


5. “Moonbeam Owls” by Posh Originals

Moonbeam Owls coloring page

Let your worries fly away as you fill in our “Moonbeam Owls” coloring page. Featuring owls, moons, birds, and wings, this is the perfect owl coloring page for a nighttime relaxation session. (Download our “Moonbeam Owls” coloring page here!)


6. “Oracular Owls” by Flora Chang

Oracular Owls coloring page

An enchanting vision of owls and stripes, this adult coloring page is sure to please any symmetry-obsessed colorist. Traditional art and textiles from around the world inspire this intricate and pleasing pattern. (Download our “Oracular Owls” coloring page here!)


7. “Owl in the Moonlight” by Teresa Roberts Logan

Owl in the Moonlight owl coloring page

Paisley lovers rejoice! This enchanting design features an endearing owl with paisley-wrapped feathers. Perched in the night sky, this coloring page will bring you a well-rested mindset. (Download our “Owl in the Moonlight” coloring page here!)


8. “Solemn Owl” by Posh Originals

Solemn Owl coloring page

Let our “Solemn Owl” coloring page bring stoic serenity to your coloring practice. Filled with opulent feathers, patterns, and flowers, this owl coloring page invites you to get lost in the details. (Download our “Solemn Owl” coloring page here!)


9. “Owl Regent” by Flora Chang

Owl Regent coloring page

Let this quirky yet regal owl lift your heart as you color. Filled with birds, vines, and flowers, “Owl Regent” will bring you closer to nature and make you smile. (Download our “Owl Regent” coloring page here!)


10. “Owlish Eyes” by Posh Originals

Owlish Eyes owl coloring page

Layers of feathers and owl eyes create a gorgeous optical show in this owl coloring page, which features tons of tiny feathers to tickle your fancy. (Download our “Owlish Eyes” coloring page here!)


11. “What a Hoot” by Flora Chang

What a Hoot owl coloring page

Get a little clever and creative during your next coloring session with our “What a Hoot” coloring page. This design’s folksy and hand-drawn charm gives each little owl its own personality. (Download our “What a Hoot” coloring page here!)


12. “Curious Owl” by Posh Originals

Curious Owl coloring page

Invite colorful curiosity into your life with our delightful “Curious Owl” coloring page. With some pre-colored bright feathers and an enchanting purple background, this design provides a little inspiration to help you get the ball rolling. (Download our “Curious Owl” coloring page here!)


13. “Owl You Need is Love” by Deborah Muller

Owl You Need is Love owl coloring page

Let a little wordplay and a lot of color brighten your day with this punny design. Relax and meditate on positive possibilities as this intricate coloring page draws you in with hearts, flowers, and leaves. (Download our “Owl You Need is Love” coloring page here!)


14. “Drowsy Owl” by Posh Originals

Drowsy Owl coloring page

Let our charming “Drowsy Owl” coloring page lull you to sleep. Filled with shooting stars, moons, and leaves, this design is perfect for a peaceful evening in. (Download our “Drowsy Owl” coloring page here!)


15. Gazing Owl by Deborah Muller

Gazing Owl coloring page

Meditate as you color this intricate and spiritual design. “Gazing Owl” features a hand-drawn owl surrounded by leaves, stars, and relaxing swirls. (Download our “Gazing Owl” coloring page here!)

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