14 Amazing Color Palettes Inspired by Animals

Enjoy the cute and creative colors of nature with these 14 animal-inspired color palettes.

By Thea Voutiritsas

Animal lovers rejoice! We’ve rounded up 14 of our favorite animal-inspired color palettes to help you get in touch with your soft side. From birds in the sky to fish in the sea, we’ve got a whole slew of animals (and colors) to get your creativity flowing.


flamingo color palette
Credit: @tb22earthy via Design Seeds

1. Flamingo Fiesta

Get the party started with some flirty pink and green hues. These rich rainforest tones will make your coloring pages look lush and vibrant—they’re the perfect match for one of our jungle coloring pages, too!



giraffe color palette
Credit: @anamarques210376 via Design Seeds

2. Gorgeous Giraffe

Stand tall with this invigorating giraffe-inspired coloring palette. These modern safari tones will take you on an uplifting adventure as you color.



Credit: @chrismoon1969 via Design Seeds

3. Sea Lions-a-Lazing

Kick back and relax as you color with these laid-back lavender and gray hues. This simple and sleepy color palette is a perfect match for any soothing adult coloring page.



Credit: @julie_audet via Design Seeds

4. Radiant Rabbit

Let these soft and delicate pink and green tones whisk you away to the woodlands. Featuring an adorable lil’ bunny, this color palette is as magical as it is mature.



Credit: @thebungalow22 via Design Seeds

5. Dolphin Delight

This bright and bubbly dolphin-inspired color palette is sure to make you smile. Blues and grays, with a pop of pink from a beach ball, make this seashore-style scene as pretty as it is peppy.



Credit: @ashleightmc via Design Seeds

6. Avian Amazement

Let the feathers of this opalescent bird bring you peace and harmony. Featuring subdued tones from all over the rainbow, this relaxing color combo is perfect for almost any mandala adult coloring page.




Credit: @thebungalow22 via Design Seeds

7. Parrot Party

If you’re feeling fanciful and vibrant, this colorful parrot-inspired color palette is your new BFF. With a broad range of bright pastels, these hues will make any adult coloring page look like a party.



Credit: @arasacud via Design Seeds

8. Vitamin Sea

Treat yourself to a soothing seaside vacation from the comfort of your own home. This bright pink starfish adds some energy and interest to an all-blue hue selection. Try out these beachy tones on one of our ocean adult coloring pages!



Credit: @julie_audet via Design Seeds

9. Fantastic Fox

Let this cute little furry friend transport you to a winter woodland wonderland. This adorable fox nestled in the snow inspires an orange and white color palette that’s sure to make any wintry coloring page feel bright.



Credit: @carolyn.eve via Design Seeds

10. Creative Clownfish

Channel a colorful and creative vibe with this clownfish-inspired color palette. Purple hues with a pop of orange create a playful and pretty color combination. 



Credit: @hannievanbreda via Design Seeds

11. Monochrome Meow

Get your cute and cuddly kitten fix with a surprisingly subtle color palette. These grayscale tones are perfect for an interesting yet unexpected adult coloring page that won’t overwhelm you.



Credit: @diana_lovring via Design Seeds

12. Horse Haven

Let the soft and subtle tones of this horse-inspired coloring palette bring an equestrian aspect to your adult coloring pages. Blues, browns, pale green, and creams will bring an air of sophistication to your design.



Credit: @ashleightmc via Design Seeds

13. Fish Friends

Get inspired by the hues of the deep blue sea. This turquoise, cream, and white color palette is perfect for a monochromatic adult coloring page that channels soothing ocean vibes.



Credit: @designseeds via Design Seeds

14. Colorful Cows

If you thought a cow-inspired color palette would just be black and white, think again. This bright and cheery farm scene comes with hues of yellow, green, and blue for a sweet and sunny disposition.



Did these whimsical wildlife creatures inspire your inner artist? If these cute creatures left you wanting more, check out our animal coloring pages for more designs. From cats and dogs to birds and insects, you’ll have oodles of opportunity to enjoy the sweet hues of nature as you color to your heart’s content.



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