11 Tropical Color Palettes That Will Have You Dreaming of Spring Break

Whether you’re heading for warmer weather or having a nice staycation, these beautiful color combinations are perfect for your school vacation week coloring projects.

By Kate Morin

If you live in a cooler climate, this time of year can be pretty depressing: It’s gray, it’s cold, and if you’re anything like me, the terrible weather leaves you daydreaming of lounging on the beach with the sun beating down on your face. Whether you’re lucky enough to be headed for warmer weather this school vacation week or you’ll be staying home, these bright and beautiful color palettes are perfect to use on adult coloring pages. Plus, they're just another way to add a little extra sunshine to your week!


Pineapples by @designseeds
Credit: @designseeds on Instagram

1. Pineapple Pulchritude
From bright green to slate blue, these perfect pineapples offer up an interesting combination of colors, perfect for pairing with (what else?) our “Pineapple Pillars” coloring page!


Ocean by @anamarques210376
Credit: @anamarques210376 on Instagram

2. Calming Coast
Now if this doesn’t scream “relaxing beach vacation,” we don’t know what does. The calming combination of pale blues, purples, and pinks would make for a beautiful mandala coloring page, don’t you think?


Teal Ocean by @arasacud
Credit: @arasacud on Instagram

3. Totally Teal
Oh ocean, why do you have to be so pretty? This wide range of blueish-green shades has us dreaming of taking a dip in the water. (They’d also be perfect for any of our ocean coloring pages.)  


Perfectly Pristine by @thebungalow22
Credit: @thebungalow22 on Instagram

4. Perfectly Pristine
We love the flawless fade from sandy tan to deep aqua in this calming color palette.


Sunrise by @orangiepink
Credit: @orangiepink on Instagram

5. Sunrise to Sunset
Those special times of day where the sun creates shades of pink and purple are simply the best. We'd love to see this peachy, pinky color palette used on one of our flower coloring pages.


Maldives by @fairynufflowers
Credit: @fairynufflowers on Instagram

6. Maldive Madness
Shhh, we’re in the float zone! Can’t you just imagine how relaxing it would be to sit back and relax in these crystal clear waters of the Maldives?


Cabo by @andrealisecreative
Credit: @andrealisecreative on Instagram

7. Cabo Color
This idyllic scene has it all: pinky-purple sunset, calm blue waters, and earthy Mexican architecture. Who wants a margarita?


Floaty Fun by @patriciaarts
Credit: @patriciaarts on Instagram

8. Floaty Fun
What’s better than floating in the pool while the sun beats down on your face? Maybe there’s music playing, maybe you have a drink in your hand—either way, it’s all for the sake of having a little fun. We think these pink and blue hues would look great on one of our funny coloring pages!


Palm Tree by @thebungalow22
Credit: @thebungalow22 on Instagram

9. Pink and Palm
Palm Springs is always a winning getaway destination, and we can see why with such perfect palm trees and festive architecture. Have even more fun using these bright and cheerful hues on our “Desert Rose” Peanuts coloring page!


Ocean by @hannievanbreda
Credit: @hannievanbreda on Instagram

10. Deep Blue Sea
This stunning overhead image makes us want to jump down and sink our toes into the water! How beautiful are those deep blues paired with the sandy subtle neutrals?


Sicily by @arasacud
Credit: @arasacud on Instagram

11. Idyllic Italia
This rocky Italian seaside scene is giving us serious wanderlust. If you need us, we’ll be planning our Sicilian escape…



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