12 Egg-cellent Easter Crafts to Make with Coloring Pages

Don't let your completed coloring pages gather dust! Here are 12 fun and easy Easter coloring crafts that are calling your name.

By Kelly Bryant

When it comes to holiday decor, Easter is way under-appreciated. After all, this is the season of new beginnings! The sun is finally coming back out, the flowers are blooming, your home is refreshed and clean from Spring cleaning (just go with the fantasy, OK?), and the decorations are full of the bright, sunny hues of the new season. Here are some of our favorite ways to use old (or new!) coloring pages in easy peasy Easter decor.


12 Easter Crafts Made with Adult Coloring Pages

Easter Greeting Card
Credit: Posh Coloring Studio

1. Colorful Greeting Card

Whether you're having an Easter fete that requires colorful invites or just want to drop a friend a note saying "Hoppy Easter," a DIY coloring card is a thoughtful, handmade gesture. Download a greeting card-sized design or choose your favorite full-sized design (you can cut it down to size later). Print on cardstock, color, fold, and you’re ready to start writing! To finish, fancy things up with decorative elements like calligraphy, stamps, ribbon, or washi tape. Pro tip: If you're sending out several cards, try making color copies of your original design—we won't tell! Want to use the design we've colored in here? Click to download our "All Things Bright & Beautiful" adult coloring page.


Paper Bunnies
Credit: Eleni / Craft With Mom

2. Paper Bunnies Filled with Goodies

These paper bunnies are adorable and make for a perfect chocolate-filled party favor. Instead of using craft paper, stencil your bunny shape onto color copies of your favorite Spring-hued coloring page. To make the cutting and stitching a bit easier (hooray for shortcuts!), opt for a simple oval Easter egg shape instead of a bunny. We think our "Bunnies in the Garden" Easter coloring page would be perfect for this easy craft!

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Paper Egg Easter Wreath
Credite: Kim / The Resourceful Mama

3. Paper Egg Easter Wreath

We’re up for just about any project with "easy" in the name, and this easy paper Easter wreath definitely lives up to the promise. After coloring an Easter egg coloring page or pretty much any coloring page (hello, great use for old coloring pages!), cut out your oval-shaped eggs. (If you need some help with the shape, try tracing an egg-shaped cookie cutter.) Glue onto a paper plate "wreath," trim with ribbon, and you're done!


Wood and Glitter Bunny
Credit: Tara / Suburble

4. DIY Framed Bunny

If pastels aren’t your thing, this glam-meets-rustic project is perfect for you. We love the original bunny outline, but you could also trace onto your completed coloring page an egg, a chick, a flower, or any other shape that feels seasonal. A set of these framed works of art would be perfect on a sideboard or a gallery wall for a subtle nod to Spring.


Paper Carrot Boxes
Credit: Christine / Little House on the Corner

5. Paper Carrot Boxes

Giving out Easter goodies at your Easter dinner or to friends and neighbors? These paper carrot boxes are a creative and personal way to package sweet treats. To use your own coloring pages in the project, start by tracing the printable design onto a coloring page. Scribble away in shades of yellow, orange, and red in the portion that will be carrot, and green in the area that'll be the stem. When you’re done, make color photocopies of your page, cut the boxes out, and follow the instructions to form the boxes. (And of course, finish by packing them full of goodies!)


Paper Easter Basket
Credit: Melissa Fenlon / Alice & Lois

6. Paper Easter Egg Baskets

If you're hosting an Easter egg hunt or giving away party favors, these DIY paper Easter baskets are way more budget-friendly (and less wasteful!) than buying an Easter basket for every guest. Trace the free printable onto a coloring page and then follow the instructions to complete your basket. Pro tip: Pass off the work to the little ones to complete pre-egg hunt to save yourself some effort (and keep them occupied for a while).


Burlap Bunny Tray
Credit: Jacy Pulform / Mod Podge Rocks

7. Burlap Bunny Decorative Tray

We are all about durable decor you can craft once and bust out for the holidays year after year, and this Easter bunny tray fits the bill perfectly. Plus, it's super-tasteful, bringing grown-up sophistication to holiday decor that can otherwise veer toward childish. You can tackle this project two ways: Scan a completed page and print it in a larger format to fit the dimensions of your tray (any copy shop can help with this), or cut an assortment of pages into strips and use them to create a colorful collage to serve as the base for your bunny.


Adult Coloring Book Easter Eggs
Credit: Danielle Mangelsdorf / Storypiece

8. Decoupage Coloring Page Easter Eggs

Is your vibe more graphic black and white, or ultra-bright? Either way, these coloring book Easter eggs are an understated nod to your favorite pastime. There are so many fun ways to apply your coloring pages to decorative eggs, from tiny vertical strips to abstract cutouts. Opt for colored or uncolored pages to suit the style of your decor. 

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Wooden Easter Bunny
Credit: Heidi / Happiness is Homemade

9. Super Simple Wooden Easter Bunnies

We’re big fans of holiday décor you can use year after year, which is why we love these colorful wooden bunny silhouettes. Pick-up an Easter-friendly wooden cutout (bunny, chick, egg—take your pick!), trace it onto your coloring page, cut, and decoupage away. Bonus points if you paint the edge of the rabbit to match, but we kind of love the idea of a raw wood finish, too!


Easter Ornament
Credit: Jennifer Dawn/The Life of Jennifer Dawn

10. Easter Egg Ornaments

Ornaments are not just for Christmas trees! Whether or not your family does an annual Easter tree, these paper Easter egg ornaments are a great way to add some springtime cheer to your home decor. Mix in your complete coloring pages with solid-colored paper for a more refined look. Want to make it a family affair? Let every member of the family make their an egg or two with their own completed coloring pages.


Paper Strip Art Easter Egg
Credit: Merrillee Liddard/Mer Mag

11. Paper Strip Easter Art

Switching out a few pieces of art throughout your home is such a fun way to bring the holiday season into your decor without going totally over the top. That's why we love this paper strip Easter egg art, which you can make with your own completed coloring pages. Take it to the next level by mixing in some strips of lace or ribbon for added texture. Any of our flower coloring pages would work great for this craft. 


Shredded Coloring Pages
Credit: Posh Coloring Studio

12. Homemade Easter Grass

So this may be a serious exercise in detachment, but hear us out. You can make your very own Easter basket grass and find something to do with all your old complete coloring projects. Just follow this tutorial to make your own Easter grass. (Don't worry: If you're not ready to shred all your coloring pages, you can also just make photocopies and shred the copies—or use the pages you’re not totally in love with!)


Now you’re ready to bring spring into your home! Have an idea we didn’t share here? Tell us about it in the comments below!


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