12 Delicious Color Palettes to Get You in the Mood for Fall

Enjoy this roundup of 12 delicious color palettes inspired by festive fall flavors.

By Thea Voutiritsas

Summer is officially over (wahhhhh), and that means its time to break out the flannel get-ups and get cozy. But even though fall is in the air, not everything has to smell like pumpkin spice. Apples, cinnamon, nutmeg, maple, and much more are coming your way. Let these 12 appetizing autumnal color palettes get you in the mood for our very favorite season.


12 Adult Coloring Palettes Perfect for Fall

Classy citrus cocktail by @simonworobec
Credit: @simonworobec via Design Seeds

1. Classy Citrus Cocktail
Let’s kick things off with a delicious drink. These rich, warm orange hues paired with soft grays makes a cozy yet contemporary fall color palette.


Lovely latte by @grainandfeather
Credit: @grainandfeather via Design Seeds

2. Lovely Latte
There’s nothing like a creamy, steamy latté to warm you up on a cool fall morning. Let these tan and brown coffee tones warm your heart as you prepare for the fall season.


Festive figs by @Diana_Lovring
Credit: @grainandfeather via Design Seeds

3. Festive Figs
Let these sophisticated and moody fresh figs warm your adult coloring pages this fall.


Celebratory cranberries by @ewabakrac
Credit: @_ewabakrac via Design Seeds

4. Celebratory Cranberries
If you’re lucky, the Great Cranberry Sauce debate will cause the most heated conversation at your Thanksgiving table. Enjoy these sweet red and orange tones to inspire the coziest of kitchen scenes.


Tea time by @Diana_Lovring
Credit: @diana_lovring via Design Seeds

5. Tea Time
The pairing of tea and dark chocolate is an underrated fall treat. Echo this indulgence on your next coloring page this fall with natural tans and browns for a comforting color palette.


Pleasent pumpkin pie by colorpalettes.net
Credit: ColorPalettes.net

6. Pleasant Pumpkin Pie
There was no way we were doing a fall flavors lineup without pumpkin pie. These splendid warm orange shades achieve a sweet palette of autumnal comfort and calm.


Autumnal appetite by @ewabakrac
Credit: @_ewabakrac via Design Seeds

7. Autumnal Appetite
Two slices of double chocolate pumpkin bundt cake, please! This rich fall treat brings an unexpected marriage of chocolate-y hues with classic orange tones for color palette heaven.


healthy harvest by @bbaumish
Credit: @bbaumish via Design Seeds

8. Healthy Harvest
Fall flavors can’t be all sweet. These hearty root vegetables bring as much flavor as they do color. Put them in a delicious stew or a beautiful design and you’re sure to be set for an amazing autumn.


Aw, shucks by @suertj
Credit: @suertj via Design Seeds

9. Aw, Shucks
What makes fall jokes get old so fast? They’re always too corny. Brighten up your fall coloring pages with these unique tan and yellow tones. 


Happy apple hues by @ewabakrac
Credit @ewabakrac via Design Seeds

10. Happy Apple Hues
Let the popular fall pastime of apple picking inspire your adult coloring pages. These subtle twists on the classic shades of red and tan with a dash of cinnamon make for a crisp and sweet fall color palette.


Hearty tart by @auntieclaras
Credit @auntieclaras via Design Seeds

11. Hearty Tart
These soft tan and brown towns make for a warm and subtle palette inspired by apple pie. Give your adult coloring pages a modern, monochromatic twist with this fall color palette.


Spice of life by @_kate_Lewis
Credit: @_Kate_Lewis via Design Seeds

12. Spice of Life
Bring some flavor to your adult coloring pages with this spice-inspired fall color palette. The nutmeg, cinnamon, and clove tones are paired with soothing tans for a perfectly balanced color range.


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