10 Creative Coloring Page DIYs to Deck Out a Bridal Shower

Check out these easy ways to turn completed adult coloring pages into fun party décor.

By Nicole McDermott Reiser 

No matter what kind of shower you throw—whether it’s a relaxed backyard barbeque at home or a fancier affair at a restaurant or other venue — there are plenty of details to consider. After you knock out the big picture stuff like finalizing the guest list, picking a location, and deciding what to serve, you can narrow in on the fun part: decorating. We’re here to help with 10 creative DIY coloring page projects that will make any bridal shower (or baby shower!) extra special.

Coloring Page Envelope
Credit: Anna Petrow / Posh Coloring Studio

1. Envelopes
Make your gift stand out even more with one of these gorgeous DIY envelopes. Invest in a pack of blank cards, write a special note, pop it into your very own coloring page envelope, and tape it to your gift. Or, if you’re in charge of invitations, you can wow guests with one-of-a-kind envelopes (just make sure to add a plain white gift tag sticker on the front so the addresses are legible).


Coloring Page Bows
Credit: Anna Petrow / Posh Coloring Studio

2. Gift Bows
While DIY wrapping paper is impressive, these gift bows will really impress shower guests. Though the final product may look a little complicated, our step-by-step tutorial is practically foolproof. We think pretty floral coloring pages are perfect for this DIY.


Coloring Page Name Plaque
Credit: Amy Anderson / Mod Podge Rocks

3. Name Plaque
Display the bride’s new last name or monogram with a DIY name plaque. (If she doesn’t plan to change her name, you could also do the lucky couple’s first initials.) Buy wooden letters and then decoupage colored pages onto each. Don’t forget to add a top coat of decoupage glue to seal the finished project so it lasts a lifetime.


Coloring Page Table Numbers
Credit: Jen / Something Turquoise

4. Table Numbers
Table numbers may be the last thing on your mind when planning a shower, but your guests will appreciate them during all the hustle and bustle of the party (especially for larger affairs). You can either choose a printable version with the numbers already outlined, or you can stencil numbers onto coloring pages you already have (we suggest a black sharpie so the numbers are hard to miss). Frame each table number for a simple but elegant way to keep the table numbers upright.


Coloring Page Seed Packets
Credit: Danielle / Storypiece

5. Seed Packets
Let love grow with this adorable DIY seed packet tutorial (which would make a perfect party favor!). Buy a variety of flower seed packets, wrap each in a coloring page (you can likely use one page per two packets), and then tie with a pretty ribbon. Add paper labels to each and use the packet as a place card or display the packets in a basket near the door for guests to take on their way out.


Coloring Notebook
Credit: Kara / Happy Go Lucky

6. Notebook
With this DIY coloring page notebook, you can meticulously keep track of each gift and who it’s from so the bride-to-be can send out detailed thank you notes. Carefully cut a blank or colored page from a coloring book, spray the back with spray adhesive, and adhere it to the cover of a blank journal of your choice.

Coloring Book Place Cards
Credit: Momental Designs

7. Place Cards
No party table is complete without place cards. Follow this tutorial with your favorite floral coloring pages. Skip the intricate details and choose pages with big flowers and leaves to make your life easier when it comes time to cut them out. And don’t worry about your watercolor skills: You don’t always need to stay inside the lines!

Decoupage Flower Pots
Credit: Beth / Petite Planet

8. Decoupage Flower Pot Centerpieces
Don’t put away your decoupage supplies just yet! This simple craft uses budget-friendly terracotta flower pots, paint, and a little creativity. The process is quick and easy: Cut coloring pages into small squares, adhere them to the pots and seal with decoupage glue, and then paint the rim with a coordinating color. Add some potted or fresh-cut flowers and you have yourself a beautiful centerpiece.


DIY Heart Paper Garland
Credit: Jess / Make and Do Crew

9. Heart Garland
Add a little extra love to the room with these heart-shaped paper garlands. Pick up a heart paper punch and then use it to cut out uniform hearts from completed adult coloring pages. For a little glitz, alternate coloring-page hearts with gold or rose gold sparkle-paper hearts.


Mason Jar Votive Cande
Credit: Anna Petrow / Posh Coloring Studio

10. Mason Jar Votives
Keep the heart theme going with these sweet little mason jar candle holders. Choose small jars and votive candles to place around a floral centerpiece or skip the flowers and use a large jar and a pillar candle to serve as a flowerless centerpiece. No matter what size you choose, these colorful candle holders will add whimsy and romance to the space.

Coloring pages don’t need to stay hidden in a pile on the kitchen table or between two covers! Use colorful pages to deck out your next bridal or baby shower for everything from gift wrap to table décor.

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