11 Breathtaking Color Palettes Inspired by Winter

Enjoy the wistful, wintry outdoors from the comfort of your own home with these 11 frosty and fun color palettes.

By Thea Voutiritsas

Don’t let winter weather get you down! Embrace the enchanting hues of sparkling snow and ice crystals without leaving your cozy home. These 11 frosty color palettes are perfect for inspiring winter creativity and remembering the beauty that nature brings.


11 Winter Color Palettes for Coloring Pages

julie audet
Credit: @julie_audet via Design Seeds

1. Arctic Abode
Let this snow-capped cabin bring some neutral nuance to your indoor coloring session. Made up of grays, tans, and browns, this palette is the perfect inspiration for a simple yet stunning coloring page. 


Credit: @piiipsy via Design Seeds

2. Winter Wanderlust
This picturesque scene of snow-topped mountains and quaint steeples is sure to inspire the wanderer within. Featuring blue hues with a pop of red and brown, this palette will bring a quaint yet colorful vibe to your creations.


paul clark photos
Credit: Paul Clark Photos via Design Seeds

3. Frigid Freeway
This breathtaking aerial view offers subdued blue hues to inspire you. From powder blue to deep navy, this palette is perfect for deep focus and meditation and would look beautiful on any mandala coloring page.


the artsy lens
Credit: @theartsy_lens___ via Design Seeds

4. Frosted Flora
For a little winter greenery, try these softly frosted leaves on for size. Channel the hues of the forest with a pop of yellow for a visually stimulating and harmonic color palette.


Credit: @piiipsy via Design Seeds

5. Wintry Whimsy
Enjoy a wispy wonderland of snow and trees in this fairytale scene. These heart-stopping grays and blues are the perfect frigid twist on any nature coloring page.


julie audet
Credit: @julie_audet via Design Seeds

6. Gorgeous Grayscale
Enjoy and experiment with the simplicity of a grayscale color palette. These neutral hues will add a timeless twist to any pattern coloring page your heart desires.


patricia arts
Credit: @patriciaarts via Design Seeds

7. Light and Love
Invite a peaceful, luminous energy into your next coloring session with this minimalist, candle-inspired color palette. These kinds of cream and white hues can add a sense of hope and calm to your next coloring session.


arctic stories
Credit: @arctic_stories via Design Seeds

8. Snowy Sunset
Let pink and purple hues change the way you see the snow. This graceful and unexpected color palette is perfect for bringing a little warmth back into your winter inspiration.


arctic stories
Credit: @arctic_stores via Design Seeds

9. Color Chirp
Let this cheerful bird make you smile as you draw inspiration from this color palette. With light blues, browns, and orange hues, this wintry palette brings balance and harmony to any adult coloring page.



Credit: @bbaumish via Design Seeds

10. Coastal Cool
Let this chilling image of frigid waters make a splash in your next coloring session. Eerie yet elegant, this monochromatic color palette plays with light and dark to create a beautiful selection of hues.


Credit: @bbaumish via Design Seeds

11. Brisk Barnyard
Let these snow-covered barns bring a pop of burgundy to an all-white scene. These chilly barns bring a haunting contrast between neutral and bright that’s sure to create an eye-catching masterpiece.


If these wistful winter-inspired color palettes haven’t got you running for your icy-hued coloring tools yet, try drawing inspiration from your own surroundings. Imagine all the color unique and palettes that await just outside your window. What winter-filled creations can you make this season?



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