11 Accessories to Inspire Creativity and Calm as You Color

Shop these essentials to help you cozy up and wind down for your next coloring sesh.

By Thea Voutiritsas

Let your worries slip away by inviting a little hygge into your home. Surrounding yourself with soft blankets, warm socks, and delightful scents as you color can truly transform your state of mind from seriously stressed to oh-so soothed. And to help you build the perfect comfy coloring zone, we’ve selected 11 ultra-cozy items that are sure to make you feel all warm and fuzzy inside.


Faux Fur Throw by Pizon
Credit: Pizon by Amazon via Amazon.com

1. A Fuzzy Faux-Fur Throw
This super-soft faux fur throw blanket will bring a luxurious layer of warmth to your next coloring session. It comes in three nicely neutral hues: alpine brown, frost gray, and ivory. Plus, you can choose a smaller or larger version to suit your space. Machine washable, Prime eligible, and wondrously warm, this throw is almost impossible to pass up.


Acacia Accents Lavender Candle
Credit: AcaciaAccents via Etsy.com

2. This Lovely Lavender Candle
Choose from an eight or 16-ounce handmade candle up the cozy factor in your home. Lavender is known as a calming and relaxing scent and can act as a natural stress-reducer. Plus, the warm light coming from the candle will make your space all the more homey. 


SocksNY Fuzzy Socks
Credit: SocksNY via Etsy.com

3. These Cute and Cozy Socks
Keep your feet warm and your heart even warmer with these adorable fuzzy socks. Decorated with hearts and available in a handful of pastel hues, these socks are the perfect present to yourself or a loved one. They also come with a classy pink box you can keep the socks in or repurpose for another gift.


Himalayan Salt Lamp via Amazon
Credit: Himalayan Glow via Amazon.com

4. A Himalayan Salt Lamp
Salt lamps are believed to improve air quality and boost your mood. They emit a soft, warm, pinkish glow that can up the relax-factor in your atmosphere and help you unwind. Plus, their unique and organic shape makes a super stylish home accent. 


Essential Oils and Diffuser via Amazon
Credit: VicTsing via Amazon.com / Pure Body Naturals via Amazon.com

5. This Oil Diffuser and Essential Oil Set
Oil diffusers are a great way to reap the benefits of soothing scents. A few drops of your favorite essential oil can make a huge difference in your mood. This essential oils set comes with scents for any mood, so you can try out orange or peppermint for an energizing experience, or lavender and lemongrass for a relaxing yet focused time.


TealsPrairie Mug with Lid
Credit: TealsPrairie via Etsy.com

6. This Vintage Mug with Lid
Keep your drink warm with a touch of vintage charm. These ceramic mugs come with a wood-grain lid and a stirring slot. The lid can be engraved with any logo or text (for free!) and it makes a perfect coaster when you’re not using it to cap your cocoa.


Twinings Tea and By the Cup Honey
Credit: By the Cup via Amazon.com

7. An Assorted Tea Sampler
With 13 different flavors and a pack of honey sticks, this set can turn any time into teatime. And with three bags of each flavor, you’ll have enough tea for 40 coloring sessions. Plus, the honey sticks are perfect for stirring in a hint of sweetness to your favorite flavors. It doesn’t hurt that it’s Prime eligible, too.


Ghirardelli Hot Cocoa
Credit: Ghirardelli via Amazon.com

8. This Hot Chocolate Mix
Indulge in this delicious double chocolate hot cocoa mix. This 15-pack of easy-to-use single-serving pouches are perfect for treating yourself to a solo coloring session and a little self-care. And its prime eligibility means you can satisfy your sweet tooth as soon as possible.


Corksicle Insulated Wine Glass
Credit: Corkcicle via Amazon.com

9. An Insulated Wine Glass
This triple-insulated, stainless steel stemless wine glass is perfect for keeping your wine chilled as you sip away. It also comes with a spill-resistant lid and a slip-proof silicone bottom to keep your coloring pages safe from harm. While it’s great for keeping drinks cold, it’s also guaranteed to keep your hot beverages warm for at least three hours.


Ondder Scrunchies
Credit: Ondder via Amazon.com

10.  These Throwback Velvet Scrunchies
Channel your inner 80s vibe and keep your hair out of your face as you color. These velvet scrunchies are perfect for ponytails that won’t damage or crimp your hair. Plus, the oh-so-soft and shiny velvet fabric makes a super cute nod to the fashion of the past. 


Veami Robe
Credit: Veami via Amazon.com

11. This Fuzzy Fleece Robe
Curl up in a cozy robe for the comfiest coloring sesh. This ankle-length robe is complete with pockets, a hood, and a sash tie waist to cover almost every inch of you in fuzzy, delightful warmth. Lightweight, machine washable, and Prime eligible, it’s ideal for the perfect coloring night in.


Once you have all the ingredients for the perfect cozy coloring session, all you have left to do is color! Throw our hygge coloring book into the mix for a heartwarming, stress-free adult coloring escape. And don’t forget to snap a pic and show us your gorgeous adult coloring creations.


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